4227 Lone Oak Road SE
Mailing: PO Box 3016
Salem, Oregon 97302


Helping Our Homeless Neighbors

Providing shelter, meals, assistance and compassion to families without homes during their week’s stay at our parish.  SIHN is hosted here 3-4 times per year.  Parishioners are able to minister to these members of our community in these ways:

  • Dinner Preparers
  • Evening Hosts/Greeters
  • Overnight Hosts
  • Breakfast Preparers

Our SIHN Coordinator

Naomi facilitates the SIHN ministry for our community of faith, including working with volunteers and guest families.  Call Naomi if you’d like to volunteer for any of the opportunities listed above.

Naomi 503-930-1384

4:30pm: Queen of Peace SIHN Coordinator arrives to open up the Youth Center (Old Hall) and make sure that all is ready for the volunteers and guest families.

5:00pm: Dinner Preparers arrive and prepare dinner. Guest families arrive on the SIHN van. Evening Hosts welcome families and help with family needs.

6:00pm: Dinner is served. Volunteers and guest families eat and socialize together.

7:00pm: Family time, homework or planned activities. Volunteers assist with the needs of the guest families. Family movies are shown on Friday and Saturday nights.

8:30pm: Evening Hosts (Greeters) leave; Overnight Hosts arrive. SIHN Coordinator leaves.

11:00pm: Lights out. Children to bed at 9:00pm. Teens to bed at 10:00pm.

6:00am: Breakfast Preparers arrive and make breakfast. One hour later on weekends.

6:30am: Breakfast is served. Volunteers and guest families eat and socialize together. One hour later on weekends.

7:15am: SIHN van arrives to take guest families back to the Day Center for the day. One hour later on weekends.