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First Thursdays

Oct. 1, 2015: Pilgrimage: a Journey of Faith -The importance of pilgrimages in our lives, both in a personal, and communal matter, and how life itself is like a pilgrimage. Guest Speaker: Fr. Tim Mockaitis Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Sept. 3, 2015: Why be a Mystic? How does a Carmelite Pray? – What is a mystic, and why should I be one? What does a Carmelite’s prayer life look like? How do I pray throughout my day, giving God all that I can? How is God calling me deeper? Guest Speaker: Brother Matthias  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Nov. 6: Mother Knows Best – What is Mary telling the modern world?Marian apparitions: What are they? Are they real? And why does she come? Guest speaker: Fr. Gary Zerr  Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

Oct. 2, 2014: Does God Tweet? Come discover what style of prayer matches your personality. Take home some new tools for cultivating your spiritual life. Guest speaker: Fr. John Kerns – Part 1       Does God Tweet? Part 2

May 1, 2014: The Call to Conversion A summary of Pope Francis’ new apostolic exhortation: “The Joy of the Gospel” (Evangelii Gaudium). Guest speaker: Fr. Timothy Mockaitis


Aug 2: Dead Bugs on the Windshield – Finding joy in simplicity and other Benedictine wisdom for everyday living.  Guest speaker: Br. Andre Love OSB

July 5: Religious Freedom – Consequences of the Mandate.
Guest speaker: Ryan Mainard

June 7: Contemplation and Actions – Looking at Martha and Mary.
Guest speaker: Jason Kidd

May 3: Peace Be with You! Being an Easter People,
Free of Anxiety & Fear – All Year Long! Guest speaker: Bryce Herrmann

February 2: Reconciliation – Sacrament and Beyond
Guest Speaker: Fr. Tim Mockaitis

January 5: God Still Speaks. Are you listening? A strategy to read, understand and live the written Word of God. Guest speaker: Fr. Jeff Meeuwsen

December 1: A Serious Issue: Happiness. Guest Speaker: Spencer Taylor
Happines…Part 1
Hapiness…Part 2

November 3: Naturally Catholic. Does God even care if I eat organically or bring a reusable bag? Guest speaker: Rachel Hansberry
Naturally Catholic. Part 1
Naturally Catholic. Part 2

October 6: Know Your Mama: A walk through the Marian Dogmas.
Guest Speaker:  Jill Wenger

September 1: Jesus, the Center of my Life – Building a stronger relationship with the Son of God. Guest Speaker: Krisi Christensen
Jesus…Part 1
Jesus…Part 2

 August 4: More than Waiting. Guest Speaker: Jen Forsman
More…Part 1
More…Part 2

July 7: Temples of the Holy Spirit – Practical steps for caring for ourselves and our relationships.  Guest Speaker:  Martin Gay

June 2: Contemplatives in Action – A spirituality for everyday life.
Guest Speaker: Deborah Francisco

April 7: Changed by Water – Sent forth on mission through the waters of Baptism. Guest Speaker: Carolyn Trumble

March 3: Lent: Pilgrim or Tourist?
Guest Speaker: Fr. Tim Mockaitis

Guest Speaker: Fr. Brian Mullady

Guest Speaker: Denise Talbert

Guest Speaker: Dcn. Matt Libra

November 4: New Look, Same Great Taste – Understanding upcoming changes in Mass. Guest Speaker: Fr. David Jaspers
New Look…Part 1
New Look…Part 2

August 5: Who Am I & What’s the Point of this Life?! Discover the secret to living an abundant life
Guest Speaker: Fr. John Henderson

July 1st: Finding Your Secret Weapon – Overcoming Vice w/Virtue – Uncovering the Wisdom of the Desert Fathers
Guest Speaker: Fr. Ron Nelson

June 3rd: God’s Beauty in Human Sexuality and the Lie of Satan
Guest Speaker: Lynda Olsen, M.A.

May 6th: Afghanistan, the True Picture. Country, Culture, Military, Mission and Future Outcome
Guest Speaker: COL Jim Lyman, Commander, Kabul Military Training Center

April 8th: (2nd Thursday) Theosis: One Word Every Catholic Should Know
Guest Speaker: Carl Olson, M.A.

March 4th: Thinking About Prayer
Guest Speaker: Dcn. Owen Cummings, PhD

February 4th: A Hidden Army: Are Angels Real?
Guest Speaker: Fr. Gary Zerr