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Adult Faith Formation Audio Files

Whole Community Faith Formation Adult Sessions

WCFF 4-19-15 & Bryce’s Announcement about becoming a Family of Foreign Missionaries


WCFF Adult Session November 16, 2014 (The Holy Spirit)

WCFF Adult Session November 2, 2014 (Who is Jesus?, Breaking down the parts & power of the Eucharist, Joy of the Gospel; Paragraph #3)

WCFF Adult Session October 19, 2014 (God’s love & mercy, Loyalty, Salvation History, Joy of the Gospel, part 2)

WCFF Adult Session October 12, 2014 (The Bible; Love letters from the Father)


WCFF Adult Session May 18, 2014 (St Joseph of Cupertino, Prayer, Living in God’s Love)

WCFF Adult Session April 27, 2014 – Guest: Robert Feduccia Turn it up. Due to technical difficulties, this recording is extremely quiet. We apologize for the inconvenience but if you turn your system up as loud as you can, you will hopefully be able hear it.

WCFF Adult Session April 6, 2014 (St. Maximilian Kolbe, Sign of the Cross, Shall Not Kill)

WCFF Adult Session February 23, 2014 (Bl John Paul II & Happiness)

WCFF Adult Session February 2, 2014 (Holy Orders & Matrimony)

WCFF Adult Session January 13, 2014 (Reconciliation)

WCFF Adult Session December 8, 2013


WCFF Adult Session September 30, 2012


WCFF Adult Session April 29, 2012

WCFF Adult Session January 22, 2012

WCFF Adult Session January 15, 2012 w/ Guest Speaker Beth Churchill

WCFF Adult Session January 8, 2012

WCFF Adult Session December 4, 2011

WCFF Adult Session November 20, 2011


WCFF Adult Session September 26, 2010

WCFF Adult Session May 16, 2010

WCFF Adult Session April 25, 2010

WCFF Adult Session April 18, 2010

WCFF Adult Session April 11, 2010

WCFF Adult Session March 14, 2010

WCFF Adult Session March 07, 2010

WCFF Adult Session February 28, 2010

WCFF Adult Session February 21, 2010

WCFF Adult Session February 07, 2010

WCFF Adult Session January 31, 2010

Other Audio Files

Fr. Ron Hoye, Queen of Peace Lenten Mission (Day 2, March 15, 2011)

Being an Easter People with Deacon Owen Cummings, PhD (04/27/2010)

Shroud of Turin with Mike McNicholas (04/20/2010)

Other Recordings

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From the Our Catholic Identity series:

  • Faith in the Work Place by Dcn. Harold Burke-Sivers, 5/6/04
  • Welcoming Catholics Back to the Faith by Fr. Ron Raab, 4/1/04
  • Breaking the Da Vinci Code by Fr Michael Maslowsky, 3/29/04
  • Living as a Steward by Charles Schreck, 3/2/04
  • How Do I Respond to Evangelicals? by Fr. Bill Holtzinger, 2/5/04
  • How Do I Respond to Mormons? by Fr. Bill Taylor, 12/4/03
  • Living a Eucharist Centered Life by Ryan Mainard, 11/6/03
  • Answering Objections to Catholic Faith by Carl Olson, 10/2/03

From the Why Do Catholics Do That? series:

  • The Way We Read Scripture by Sr. Maureen Abbott & Sr. Jeremy Gallet, 2/27/03
  • The Way We Love Our Neighbor by Francisco & Brena Lopez, 2/20/03
  • The Way We Pray by Fr. Ronald Raab, CSC, 2/13/03
  • The Way We Believe by Fr. Michael Maslowsky, 2/6/03

From the Will Catholics Be Left Behind? series:

  • Will Catholics Be Left Behind? by Carl E. Olson, 11/14/02
  • Heaven, Hell, & Purgatory by Dr. Owen Cummings, 11/7/02
  • The Book of Daniel by Sr. Timothy McHatten, OP, 10/17/02