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Called to Protect


In accordance with Archdiocesan and USCCB guidelines, all parishes in the Archdiocese of Portland are participating in an ongoing program for parents, youth, and children on “safe environment” and child sexual abuse prevention. Every parish is being asked to offer educational/training sessions for parents, adults, and volunteers, as well as to incorporate “safe touch” and child sexual abuse prevention skills into their children’s religious education curriculum and youth ministry programs. Here at Queen of Peace Parish, all parents, adults (volunteers are required to go through additional training), youth and children are encouraged to attend our CALLED TO PROTECT™

Called to Protect for Adults: All adults are invited and encouraged to attend an educational session focused on ways to keep children safe and prevent child sexual abuse.

In addition, adults (over age 18) planning to volunteer with youth or children’s parish programs (including Queen of Peace School) are required to participate in a second session. The material is not suitable for young children.

Called to Protect for Youth is not sexual education rather it is a self-protection training program that uses DVD, facilitated discussion and interactive activities to teach middle school and high school youths:

  • What their emotional, physical and behavioral boundaries are
  • Ways that child abusers try to violate these boundaries
  • Ways to respond if a person tries to violate their boundaries
  • How to report abuse that has happened or is happening to them or someone they know

We will offer two separate sessions for this training. One will include the DVD’s for those youth who did not attend the training last year, and one session to review the material and do the interactive activities, so all youth are encouraged to come.

Called to Protect for Children is not sexual education rather the content has been developed by experts and is age-appropriate for Kindergarten through Grade 5. Children will meet with their catechists and age group peers for prayer, scripture and learning activities based on the following themes:

  • Kindergarten – Rules about the Body
  • Grade 1 – Rules for Interacting with Others (includes information on bullying)
  • Grade 2 – Listening to Your Intuition
  • Grade 3 – Secrets: Those you Keep and Those you Share
  • Grade 4 – Healthy Friendships (includes information on peer to peer abuse)
  • Grade 5 – Healthy Privacy (includes information on Internet Safety)

Building Boundaries is designed to teach children the skills they need to recognize boundary violations that precede abuse, to remove themselves from uncomfortable situations, and to tell a trusted adult when someone has crossed boundaries with them. Adults cannot hold children solely responsible for their own safety, but we can train them to play an active role in keeping themselves and their friends safe. A handout with more specific lesson plan information for each grade level is available on WCFF mornings in the gym on the resource or by contacting Tricia Boyle at the parish office.

If you and your family are not able to attend these sessions, or choose not to, we ask that you review Keeping Our Children Safe and Talking To Your Kids About Sexual Abuse (which can be obtained at the back of the church, at the parish office, from our website, or from a Faith Formation team member) with your child(ren)/youth at home. Upon completing your conversation with your child(ren)/youth on these important safety issues, please complete the verification form indicating that you have done so, and return it to the parish office, by placing it in the collection basket, mailing it, bringing it by the office, or giving it to one of the faith formation staff. Each parish is required to submit the number of children/youth trained either in the parish program or by parents to the Archdiocese. This report contains no names of families or children. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our children safe at Queen of Peace!

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